Bitwig DJ – the perfect DJ & Live Performance software?

Steven James

Steven James is a Music Technology Professional with over 7 years in the Music Industry now working as the Digital Specialist for Guitar Guitar Digital - #notjustguitars Also Label Owner at Warped Bridge Records and the Administrator for Bitwig Beats Unofficial Community.

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  • Remember, this is just an idea I have, a concept. All images are simply Photoshopped! 😉

    • Trinibad1

      Wonderful concept. I believe this should have been out years ago.

  • Jo Noon

    As a concept, this is something that certainly peaks my interest.

  • Andy Freist

    This is a brilliant concept and I too would LOVE to see this come to fruition. Have you shared this over on the Bitwig KVR forum? I reckon that adding this functionality would really expand Bitwig’s reach to a wider market, and would be a huge differentiator against other DAWs..

  • Trinibad1

    Great idea

  • Emil Flytkjær Ankerstjerne

    Sounds really cool!

  • phrixious

    Sorry, but maybe I’m failing to see what you mean by the limitations within Ableton. The way I have my library set up is basically the same as a DJ library – I can search things by key, BPM, track name, artist name, and even any of the tags I’ve set for them (e.g. big drop, late night hit, etc)

    This way my “deck A” and “deck B” can have songs loaded into them on the fly, so if something I’m playing isn’t working, I just throw in the next clips in from the browser and transition over to it.

    Individual transports also exist, each clip can be played or stopped individually, and by setting the loop and cue points beforehand, you essentially have the exact same thing you’d have in Traktor or Serato.

    The only “limitation” that I can think of is playing a track you’ve never played before, because it may not warp properly the first time you throw it into your set. However, any DJ worth his salt should have already prepared each track individually before a gig anyway, and in the rare case that I get a request for a song I don’t have, I make sure it’s in my set for next time.

    I do however agree that Bitwig could be a beast for live shows. Especially with crash-protection and a fully modular system, I can see Bitwig being the best choice in a few short years.

  • Sam

    This would be a great idea. I’m beginning to move away from ‘traditional DJing’ and look into more of a performance solution for more exciting live sets. You should send this article to the Bitwig team! 🙂

  • dell

    so… is it here yet?