Bitwig Studio Beta mashes it up

Steven James

Steven James is a Music Technology Professional with over 7 years in the Music Industry now working as the Digital Specialist for Guitar Guitar Digital - #notjustguitars Also Label Owner at Warped Bridge Records and the Administrator for Bitwig Beats Unofficial Community.

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  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this. I’m a bit tired of Ableton Live and never really liked its audio engine, but I’m so used to the workflow and flexibility that any other DAW feels like a step backwards. Bitwig is the only DAW that can replace Live for me.

  • @ritesh:disqus – yes the audio engine is superior, the summing engine and the algorithms (spelling?) used are right up there with the like of Logic and Studio One. This is exactly why we are all excited here at Bitwig Beats and why we are huge supporters already.

    • Nospamever

      “the summing engine is superior”

      Can you provide data to back this up? Or did you just write it because it includes buzzwords and sounds trendy?

      • My ears! I also own Live. I do not need anymore data than what my own ears tell me.

  • Sin Sentido Comun

    also, what’s up with all the 3d on the interface? fucking bad taste. They tried to copy live’s GUi but they failed miserably.