Ready Mapped and Integrated Controllers Included with Bitwig Studio 1.0

Steven James

Steven James is a Music Technology Professional with over 7 years in the Music Industry now working as the Digital Specialist for Guitar Guitar Digital - #notjustguitars Also Label Owner at Warped Bridge Records and the Administrator for Bitwig Beats Unofficial Community.

  • hBPM

    No Korg Kontrol 49?

  • Ruhenstand

    Please put some updates about the Push proyect!!

  • Warren Daly

    Will the Akai MPD series be supported?

  • RDiiO

    I wish they would release the manual before March 26

  • bart

    akai mpk mini doesn’t work

    • me

      reset to factory presets
      it worked for me

  • Guest

    The template for Novation > SL MK2 seems to be not available in Bitwig 1.0.5

  • Guest

    The template for Novation > SL MK2 seems to be missing in Bitwig 1.0.5

  • Gman

    No Korg kontrol 49 Are you having a laugh!

    • Beak Nasty

      did you ever end up finding a script for the korg kontrol 49? can’t find one anywhere myself!

  • Gman

    Loads of midi device issues. I think the real beta may have just started and you pay for the priviledge!

  • 2clo95

    Hi Steven James, where did you get the SL MkII controller script? I can’ t seem to find it under Novation scripts.

  • Gorgon

    Anyone have problems when using multiple midi controllers? All midi seems to stop/break once I have more than one controller set up. So so annoying, probably me but this should be so simple!

  • Chad

    I have SLMKII Zero, Launchpads, Maschine, Oxygen 88, as well Ableton Push and hope that Bitwig will allow all of this hardware to work as seamlessly as it does with Live. Otherwise, at least right now, It seems a waste switching to Bitwig, especially since people can’t use their SLMKII’s , which is one of the things I use most.