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The Livid Base and Bitwig Studio

The way the Base integrates with Bitwig Studio is somewhat similar to how the push works with Ableton Live – this is the most capable controller for Bitwig in live situations but certainly also holds its own in the studio as well.


Bitwig Studio Beta mashes it up

Our first project for Bitwig Beats was to re-engineer a mashup from one of our own released tracks with one of the hottest tracks out there at this time – Zedd featuring Foxes – Clarity.

Interview: Sean Tyas Excited by Bitwig Studio 0

Interview: Sean Tyas Excited by Bitwig Studio

Sean Tyas has thankfully agreed to a quickfire interview on Bitwig Studio, and what could possibly be his next purchase for his studio (after his new Macbook Pro of course) whilst hopefully becoming the central point to all his future productions. Read on to find out what he said…