The Livid Base and Bitwig Studio

Steven James

Steven James is a Music Technology Professional with over 7 years in the Music Industry now working as the Digital Specialist for Guitar Guitar Digital - #notjustguitars Also Label Owner at Warped Bridge Records and the Administrator for Bitwig Beats Unofficial Community.

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  • Mike Lewis

    Nice review! I was considering a Nektar P4 but decided to go for the Base and a simple 25 key controller.

  • Slackerluddite

    Anyone with experience with Base and Cntrl:r in Bitwig?

    If price weren’t an issue do you think Base or Cntrl:r has better integration?

    Obviously Cntrl:r has lots of knobs so if you like knobs… but otherwise…

    sliders vs touch strip

    I’m not too concerned about portability?

    Any banter welcome!

  • ulissses

    I got the Base II and love it. I made a slight change to the script however. The touch faders in the instruments mode now controll the macros in step sequencer mode they controll the parameters. So i switched their function. The pads are simply fantastic not only for drums. I play all my basslines with it and use a touch fader for small pitch bends to give it a more lively feeling. There a ready made scales so you can use the limited amount of pads more efficiently and avoid notes that won´t fit harmonically. The flip mode in the sequencer mode is also a good idea. You basically choose a position in the grid first and then decide which notes to play at that position so you can build chords more easy than doing it the other way round. I can recommend it. Get the Base II though it has an aluminium case now and the pads are thicker.

    • 3RDTRY

      First time controller user, how does this compare to Ableton Push in terms of ease of use “learning curve”?