Top 10 Reasons To Switch From Your Current DAW To Bitwig Studio

Steven James

Steven James is a Music Technology Professional with over 7 years in the Music Industry now working as the Digital Specialist for Guitar Guitar Digital - #notjustguitars Also Label Owner at Warped Bridge Records and the Administrator for Bitwig Beats Unofficial Community.

  • mozsi

    top reason is Reason 7 by Propellerhead Studios!!!!

    • RonjoI

      I have been using Reason since 4. I can’t use my years worth of patches and combinators in Bitwig without some third party jigery-pokery. I kind of like the things I have already built. If Bitwig can add Rewire into their exciting ground up ethos I am on board. Until then I will just have to slog away with my tried and true friends Live and Reason. Poor me 😉

  • Tomáš Valůšek

    Well, at least one reason is terribly missing – accessibility for visually impaired/blind musicians. So: Is Bitwig Studio usable without mouse? Does it cooperate with assistive technologies? Are there ways to customize fonts in event editor(s)?

  • Jorge Junior

    One reason to not switch: don’t have support for Audio Units.

    • netsurfer912

      who needs that

      • Robert Backlund

        The people who are Apple fan boys and love to buy over priced and underpowered hardware.

  • nate

    R E W I R E

  • Olaf

    Not convinced yet.

  • L

    Most of those “reasons to jump on bitwig” have been reality in reaper for ages. Playing with samples in bws is super and reason enough for me to jump along ^^

  • mackemint

    No Rewire support? Meh, that’s a performance hog anyway. I use the IAC driver to control Reason from Live. 🙂

  • Thetruth

    Blatant self promotion in a blog disguise …but some of the features are good

    • BitwigBeats

      Unfortunately we are not Bitwig nor have any affiliation with Bitwig themselves.

  • Reprazent

    When are you gonna stop promoting this unfinished and overhyped piece of crap?

    • BitwigBeats

      Never – im a fanboy. Each to their own

      • York

        If you are a fanboy, fine. But you are helping to mislead people here. Be hones and tell them about all the problems the software has. Then it’s all good.

  • no

    This is terrible writing.

  • Gregie

    It’s good to see you’ve picked the points up that, have been shown fairly broadly to the music community, I don’t disagree that some aspect of the layout is fairly intuitive, however I do think it’s cluttered working on a laptop, it shows that there are some deeper programming structures of Ableton’s core that could be improved but some that I am personally indifferent too, I can’t say I’m thrilled to use it on a laptop, but I may get it on my studio PC and start to play about and get a better feel for it, overall at this point I’m still questioning why I would buy another DAW ontop of Ableton Suite that’s like Ableton considering how good the Ableton company has been for the music business and artists like myself as a whole, this maybe Bitwigs hardest sell, but I applaud there gusto in taking the product ideas and user notions on.

    Abletons simplicity and nod towards “what you can do with it” as a personal statement, is still a strong image to me, Bitwigs notion towards “”Getting it right for the user”” strangely not so.

  • Raffi

    Nice article. How people always love to be negative….if it’s not this then it’s that. Take a look in the mirror, did you spend 5 years day in day out programming a DAW? Do you know what it takes? It always strikes me how people think a developer should have this big responsibility to them for delivering something perfect while they probably never even going to finish a track on it anyway.

    This DAW has a lot lot lot potential. I’m totally with you Steven, I’m starting to be a fanboy too and guess what it’s way nicer to enjoy something even though it’s not 100% perfect than to brag. It puts a smile on my face every day I start the program and gets me excited. Music production is my daily job for about 10 years and I’m now using 100% bitwig for the next release. A risk? probably but I’m loving it!

    Good luck with the site!!

    • thanks Raffi!

    • George Vardas

      Im a professional with 25 years exp in a top studio -Ive been using logic for at least 15 years.
      a few weeks ago – I downloaded bigwig , ableton live , and S1V3 to test them and see what all the fuss is about – here are my thoughts.
      Ableton live – boring interface – latency problems – PDC problems with 3rd party plugins –
      Best feature on Ableton – Warp function and audio – loop manipulation. –

      Studio 1 V3 – looks very nice – works well – polished platform – similar to logic X in many ways with a few extra features- overall pretty good but not innovative in any kind of earth shattering way to make any difference in workflow between Logic X

      Bigwig – after only 3 days – I can honestly say that its by far the easiest to learn and get comfortable with – Very easy workflow – easy to understand interface – non overcrowded and not swamped by countless unnecessary functions.
      the automation and modulation / routing are revolutionary – game changing for me.
      the whole GUI layout is clean / logical and very easy to get into.
      for me – if speed and ease are high up in the list BWS has no competition whatsoever –
      10 / 10 for logical easy workflow.

      The negatives for BWS – I’ve encountered a bug where if there are a lot of tracks up with a lot of sequences trying to lasso many items with the mouse on the arrange page causes the mouse pointer to stutter – prob a bug –
      I have a very high spec machine with MSI 970 Graphics card so there no chance at all of my machine running out of processing power.
      Overall – BWS has a lot of new features and innovation and looks like it has the most potential to have enough game changing features to be worthy of dumping logic X and moving over – after 15 years of logic its starting to feel like an elderly citizen on pension in need of an old age home – there’s just too much catering for everyone going on in logic – for the average guy that just wants to get into songwriting / programming and in need of modern sounds and modern FX etc – BWS offers the most bang for the buck.
      So far i haven’t crashed or really come into any major software bugs but I have to admit – the software kinda looks like it’s still in development – Ive seen a lot of reviews from trusted sources that mirror what Ive said above and a lot of these ppl also feel that the program still needs some polish and stability before giving it the thumbs up to adopt it for full time use.
      As it stands – I’m still getting ito BWS and will continue to use it at home until version 2 – once I feel its mature enough and can trust it 100 % in a professional environment I’m retiring logic X
      BWS is def the future – I’m hoping the developers continue to push it up and don’t drop the ball

  • Prisma

    Some important reasons for not switching at all:
    1) Bitwig has been teasing their product for ages, misleading all their potential users by faking a beta that was actually an alpha. 2 years of beta testing, that’s a lot of time to polish a product. But no, they release a half-backed thing with so many obvious flaws that makes it simply unusable. The product is still beta after release and they they want 400 bucks for you to become their beta tester. This ispires zero confidence. Newbies might bite the bate, but not serious producers.
    2) The software has so many hidden flaws that you don’t know when you actually are gonna lose hours of your work, because even a very basic feature like saving of presets doesn’t work.
    3) Plugin sandboxing, one of their most promoted features (which is cool) doesn’t work out of the box either, because the VST part of the software is fucked up. Feature is not complete.
    4) They are responding very fast but with each update they screw up something else because the product wasn’t tested thoroughly. It’s still very rough and still needs a looooooong way to go.

    • netsurfer912

      I actually think it’s quite polished. Plugin sandboxing works flawlessly for me (on Linux). Preset saving also is no problem, just a little bit weird: you drag your module into the browser.

      Of course they had to tease bitwig a lot, if they had just developed it silently they would probably have gotten a lot less attention.
      That they already have plans for version 2.0 makes me thing of the team as very enthusiastic and engaged, even if there are some minor bugs in the software.
      I haven’t bought it yet but really love the program so far.

    • lye

      I’m confident that bigwig 2.0 will be my daw.

  • BronxBeat

    Thanks for Bitwig Studio and all the hard long work which went into this amazing DAW. The first thing I admired wasn’t my favorite color scheme but rather the unique sound one is able to get out of this. Bitwig at version 1.0.11 packs a punch and only has an amazing future ahead. Yes there are some oddities with Bitwig like one cannot get DIRECT SOUND for an audio configuration but it certainly does not mean one cannot enjoy this DAW.

  • Chet

    Bitwig has no future, not enough workforce to keep a product like that. Reality has shown up, updates too sloooowww. I’m not investing my money on an overhyped and overpriced unsinished copy of Ableton Live.

    • CrazyLittleSomething

      Thanks for letting us know..

    • lye

      as someone who hasn’t switched over from ableton and critiques bitwig a lot, I gotta say they’re pushing updates way faster than ableton does. It’s not even close.

    • Halycom


  • CrazyLittleSomething

    Strange, I am very happy with BWS. Maybe it’s just me 😉

  • Fake name

    You’re a shill.

  • Jeigh Neither

    I’m sorry, I’m not being negative, but I almost laughed a few times at the ten poor reasons to switch. I just upgraded to Studio1V3, and it’s simply miles ahead of anything else. Rewire Ablelton into it, and you are as dangerous as a vibration can be; that’s pretty dangerous. Ableton could certainly use a facelift and some innovation, but people will be playing catch-up with S1v3.

    • Have to agree with you on S1v3 – i also have Studio One v3 now and I jump between the two to be honest. But you have to remember, S1v3 is on version 3 and way ahead, Bitwig is still in version 1 and for a version 1 it is extremely impressive. The Bitwig team have had to play catch-up very quickly and are doing a great job at that. I think v2 will be point where bitwig Studio will certainly come into mass market.

    • Ronny Rydgren

      Studio one 3 have had much more time to develop their daw. Bitwig is still a baby waiting to be full grown. I don’t see why you need to go to a page to write shit about bitwig. Dont like it and doesnt use it? Well dont talk and keep using your studio one 3. I know for a fact that bitwig has getting better and better for each day. I dont care about your studio 1 3. Daw wars are just weird because it doesnt matter what people use. People have different preferences.

  • Bugs Bunny Was A Tranny

    They could’ve tried to be more original. I would’ve loved to try it but I already bought NI Maschine earlier this year and it would just be a waste now. Only heard about it today btw.

  • MKousaki

    I love Bitwig sooo much…. best DAW i’ve ever used, simple,clean ,amazing UI <3